1. In this document, the terms “use” includes using, attempting to use, and allowing the use of.
2. You must not use the Service for:

  • Distributing unsolicited e-mail messages and/or advertising;
  • Gaining unauthorised access to any data or computer system;
  • Harassing, threatening or abusing other persons;
  • Relaying e-mail through a server to which you have not been explicitly allowed access;
  • Interfering with the use of the Service by others;
  • Knowingly distributing a computer worm, virus or trojan;
  • Impersonating another person or forging an e-mail address;
  • Any business related purpose if the Service has been designated by the Provider as a “Home” service;
  • Any activity which causes loss or damage to the Provider’s business or reputation;
  • Any illegal act including any activity prohibited by the Telecommunications Act 1997, Crimes Act 1958, Copyright Act 1968, or any other legislation.

3. You must not use the Service in a manner which unreasonably interferes with other customers’s use of the Service.

4. You must take reasonble steps to prevent the distribution of viruses from your computer(s) and the regular updating of that software.