Whether it is two sites across town or hundreds internationally. PIP can design, install, maintain and monitor a managed network infrastructure to your needs.

As well as PIP having its own network infrastructure, PIP has access to numerous tier 1 providers thereby ensuring we can meet all standards of service and price points a client may require. PIP is also a Telstra Wholesale partner ensuring we can ensure complete management down to the cable level if required.

Monitoring of LAN or WAN networks is achieved by linking your networks into our sophisticated monitoring software. This software is also responsible for monitoring our Internet feeds and Internet services. It has been developed over several years and has modules compiled by several Network Specialist companies to ensure all relevant events are triggered. Monitoring can then be sent to Emails or phones via SMS.

Summary of Services :

  • WAN/LAN Network Design Service.
  • LAN/WAN Construction
  • LAN/WAN Monitoring
  • PIP has its own network for customised solutions.
  • Private Networks.
  • Virtual Private Networks.
  • Telstra Wholesale Partner to provide you with total solution from cable up.
  • Access to other Tier 1 providers networks to provide comparative cost points and services.