PIP’s Home broadband ADSL service is cut down version of PIP’s Business Grade ADSL service providing you a quality near business grade service for your home. PIP’s ADSL service is layer 2 service backed by Australia’s leading Telecommunication provider.  This system gives us greater control over the quality and service level of your ADSL connection. Allowing us to fulfil our goals in providing you with the best possible service with a high level of reliability.

ADSL Service:

  • Quality Grade Internet at a realistic price
  • 24×7 Australian Helpdesk
  • Predictable Performance
  • Unlimited uploads
  • No Excess Charges
  • Scalability
  • Online Data Usage

Home ADSL2+ Plans

24 Month Contract
Setup Fee
5GB $30.00 $45.00 $99.00
50GB $50.00 $65.00
200GB $70.00 $85.00
500GB $90.00 $105.00

Or Home ADSL + Phone + Calls

Plan Price Setup Fee
250GB of Adsl Data, Phone Line Rental, Unlimted Local, National and Mobile calls. Special conditions apply contact us for further details $120.00 $99.00

All home accounts include:

  • Email accounts
  • Unlimited users
  • Spam Filtering

Onsite home installation $110 Sydney Metro conditional on purchase of router/modem from PIP.
Data is calculated on downloads only.
Payment for home accounts is by Credit Card only.
ADSL Data is calculated on downloads only.
All ADSL2 and ADSL2+ services are shaped to 72Kbps on reaching data limits.


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