By utilising our state of the art datacentres and competitively priced data links to our clients, our clients have the ability to replicate their in house servers to the cloud to provide them with Warm Backups.

A warm backup is a complete image of a client’s servers, stored in the data centre just waiting to be turned on. These images are typically updated daily but can be updated as regularly as the client requires down to even minutes. We utilise the latest in – block replication, block deduplication and network compression to achieve this service for all companies on their current data links. This way smaller companies can utilise their already existing ADSL connections to have the comfort and security of a warm backup site.

In the event of a disaster such as fire or theft at a company’s premises the warm backup is turned on and work can continue. This system provides complete confidence to our clients that in the event of a disaster their IT systems can be accessed and continuity restored in minutes.

Warm Backups –

  • Complete copy of all servers secured in a tier 1 datacentre
  • Updated at any interval
  • Standard replications can be done over your current links
  • Utilise wasted nightly bandwidth for functional purpose
  • Can be turned on instantly with just an Email or phone call
  • Daily reports and summaries
  • Fully compliant with ISO 27000
  • Eliminate the stress and worry of disaster recovery planning