Windows Server 2003 End Of Life

14th July 2015 is the day Windows Server 2003 will be no more.
Just like the iconic Windows XPs departure from our lives earlier this year Windows Server 2003 is now ready to be shut down.
With more than 10 million reported instances still running in the world it seems we have our work cut out for us to upgrade them all during the first half of next year.

What does this mean for you ?

Well rest assured PIP will still be maintaining your Windows 2003 Server beyond this date.
However there are a few implications that the discontinuation of support from Microsoft for Server 2003 that you might like to think about.
The primary of these being that from this date Microsoft will not be releasing any further updates. This means that any new holes or security vulnerabilities will not be patched or fixed leaving your system open to any new exploits discover from this point on.
another reason to consider upgrading is the Increased Maintenance Costs that you will inevitably incur by not upgrading these older systems.
Now that no new servers will be rolled out on the Window Server 2003 platform companies will now have a mix of server operating platforms increasing the cost of maintaining backward compatible systems like Active Directory.



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