The national broadband builder is tracking well ahead of its service activation targets, seemingly defying concerns that a growing number of mobile-only households will undermine its business plan.

Although the NBN builders are tracking ahead of schedule to the activation targets, analysts suggest they may not be working quick enough to secure their financial targets.

Many homes now are becoming “Mobile Only”.

This is understandable with the cost and supply of mobile data becoming more realistic combined with todays busy lifestyles.

With NBN pursuing an activation target of 4.4 million premises by the end of the 2018 financial year and 8 million (two thirds of its expected network footprint) by 2020 the market might make these figures challenging for them.

Had the Howard Government had provided the $4 Billion dollars to Telstra to complete its Fibre to the Node network in 2005 we might have seen a different outcome.
Now however there seems to be an inverse collation with the amount and cost of data we receive from the Telcos and the rollout of the NBN>

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