PIP has been providing Sydney based IT support since its inception in 1985 and although time changes the technology, time should not change the quality of support. We strive to provide the best support to our clients not only for the IT industry but over all industries. This is why we still have clients today that we had back in 1985.

Our Onsite IT support services are focused on exactly that “Support”, not control we do not dictate what systems you must use, or what we are prepared to support. We analyse what systems you have in place, how they are working for you and what benefit if any you may achieve by changing these. We don’t have a problem support older systems that perform their function and may not be support by other IT support companies.

We do not have a standard price list for our Onsite Service as each client’s needs are different to the next so we tailor all IT support packages and agreements to a client’s specific needs and of course budgets. At the same time good service doesn’t have to come at a price so we ensure our prices are just as competitive as the next.

Our support engineers and technicians are also available for ad-hoc work at hourly, half day, day and weekly rates.

Onsite Support

  • Trained Engineers or Technicians attending your place of business
  • Fixed price quotes or contracts
  • Ad hoc on demand pricing and placement available
  • Most versions or equipment age catered for
  • Most platforms supported – UNIX, SUN, Microsoft, AIX, SCO, and Novell