PIP has been involved with Australian Medical Companies for over 3 decades. At the turn of the century PIP consulted with the Australian Government in a view to increase the digitization of our Healthcare Industry and electronic health records, with the goal to establish a nationwide EHealth system. To expedite this transition, grants and subsidies were created for the Australia Medical Association. This included subsidized/free broadband under the broadband for health program (BFHP) and security undertakings supported by PIP (Practice Incentive Payments). PIP has been a core provider of these to Medical Practices through out this period.

The early establishment of PIP in the healthcare industry provided core relationships with the Health Department of Australia, leading healthcare professionals and all Australian Medical Software vendors. It was decided at this point that PIP would integrate the hosting of all Medical Software Platforms within its Enterprise Private Datacenters. Today PIP provides a fast secure platform for hundreds of Medical Practitioners Nationwide in secure and private Australian based datacenters. Providing a streamlined, patient experience and reliability for all staff members, either in your medical offices or on mobile devices.

PIP also provides onsite support for all medical practices that run on-premise servers within their own medical offices. Our highly trained technicians and engineers are available 24x7x365 to support any platform, operating system or environment your medical practice runs.

We are currently providing cloud hosting and IT Support for the following practice management software –

  • Best Practice
  • Genie Software Solutions
  • Software for Specialists S4S
  • Audit 4
  • HCN Medical Director
  • HCN Clinical
  • HCN PracSoft
  • HCN BlueChip
  • ZedMed

To simplify your practice management and have PIP take care of your entire backend Medical IT requirements contact PIP today.